Shipping & returns

Packet shipping

Packet are shipped within two business days, after the paiement be recieved. Shipping costs are computed according to the weight of products, and the lowest expensive shipping transporter will be proposed to you. For each shipping, a tracking number will be given. If you need a particular shipping method, please let us know before placing orders.

Shipping costs include packet preparation costs and shipping costs. You may consider grouping orders to lower the costs. We cannot groups two differents orders after their are placed, and shipping costs will be applied to each of them.

Your packet will be carefully prepared so that goods will not suffer from shipping.


If you have any problem with your order, please contact the sales service first. We will assist you on the steps to follow if a return is required.

Three possibilities for returning goods:

No return accepted, if:

- the protection of a one time (a rubber gasket for example) object is open

- the object show wear or usage signs

- the packet has been damaged by the transporter dans has been accepted by the customer even if damaged.

Returns will be accepted with shipping costs paid by the customer if:

- the item is no longer needed by the customer

In this case, after sales support agreement, the customer must prepare the packet and ship it with a tracking number. A partial refund will be done (only the object price will be refunded). If the good were not damaged, a refund will be applied in 15 business days after the packet be received.

Returns will be accepted and totally refunded if:

- the object you got was not the one you ordered

- the object does not work even if used correctly

In this case, after sales support agreement, the customer will receive a shipping label that he must print and stick on the packet prior to returning it. When received, the packet and its content will be inspected, and if validated a full refund will be applied in 15 business days.